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Photo Listing of Finale Arrangements for the Accordion.
This page allows you to view the first page of each arrangement. Please order music by e-mail. I'll explain payment means in my reply.

  Zpivam Si Pisen Nejkrasnejsi Zpivam Si Pisen Nejkrasnejsi is a traditional waltz from Czechoslovakia. Excellent piece for performing at dances. Price: 2.50 USD. Shipping details to be determined.

  Orpheus in der Unterwelt This arrangement allows students to use bellows shakes to emulate the string section of an orchestra. They can really WOW the crowd with the "Can Can" from this Jacques Offenbach composition. Price: 4.00 USD. Shipping details to be determined.

  In the Trenches of Manchuria Hear the winds of Siberia blow as you play this vibrant waltz with improvisations. This grade 4 piece is excellent for advanced students to perform for any crowd. Price: 2.50 USD. Shipping details to be determined.


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