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Photo Listing of Finale Arrangements for the Accordion.
This page allows you to view the first page of each arrangement. Please order music by e-mail. I'll explain payment means in my reply.

Dance Hall Polka
One of the most popular polkas around. Get the crowd doing the wave.
  The Dance Hall Polka
A very popular polka with polka groups, such as Polk-A America. Play this for them and they'll gather around the stage and start doing the wave. Also known as "The Dance Hall Brawl." Great entertainment for 2.50 USD. Shipping details to be determined.

Guitars and Equipment
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Guitars & Equipment

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Pisnicka Ceska
A heroic song with deep meaning. Karel Hasler died in a Nazi Concentration camp in 1944 for composing songs, such as Pisnicka Ceska. A fine piece to teach the effectiveness of music in a culture. Impress you Czech friends for only 2.50 USD. Shipping details to be determined.

Did You Ever Miss Me?
A fine Slovenian style polka. The arrangement includes improvisation. Excellent grade 3 arrangement for public performance. Play it for only 2.50 USD. Shipping details to be determined.

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