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Reconditioned Accordions
Straps and cases come with each accordion. Shipping is separate of the listed price.

We have priced this instrument to sell. For 200.00 USD, this 3/5 reed Corodvox has a double tone chamber. This is a stand-alone instrument without any electronics. Excellent condition.
Simple electronic set-up to produce electronic sounds. This instrument includes the sound generator within the instrument. Good condition. Price is 2,200.00 USD.
Esoprani - Diatonic
This dazzling instrument provides a beautiful Italian sound. Keys of Bb - Eb - Ab. Excellent for playing with the brass section. Just 1,600.00 USD.
Stanelli - Milano
This 120 bass, 3/4 reed squeeze box has a 17-inch keyboard with 7 treble shifts and palm shift. Excellent for the beginning to intermediate student. Only 700.00 USD.

A professional-sized 4/5 reed accordion with newly installed microphone. Palm shift with 11 treble shifts and 7 bass shifts. Includes breast pad. 2800 UDS.
This 120 bass student 2/4 reed accordion is in great condition. Includes breast pad. 400.00 USD.
Hohner - Diatonic
This antique single-row diatonic is tuned to the key of A. On consignment for 500.00 USD. Great to play with strings.
Crucianelli - 48 Bass
This beginning 2/4 reed instrument plays exceptionally well. Just 300.00 USD.

This little 12-bass Italian "Stomach Steinway" will get that new Myron Floren started. Just 150.00 USD.

This 2/4 reed antique is available for just 150.00 USD.


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